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Deufol’s container boxes “ConBOX” and container pallets “ConPAL” are designed for an easy and efficient modular use in sea containers.
Monday, February 12, 2018

They provide a significant load leveland cost advantage due to their intelligent design.

Combined with the Deufol Kanban-storage system, customized to your needs, the ConBOX and ConPAL will support all your packaging needs with constant availability.

Due to Automatic replenishment your goods can be expedited at all times with shortest lead times.

Benefits of the ConBOX/ConPAL-system:

  • Fast reaction- and delivery time
  • No extra storage space needed, due to intelligent stacking system
  • Low administrative effort
  • Consistent world class quality
  • Transparency throughout the complete order process
  • Reduction of total costs
  • Reusable packaging


Your Advantages: With low administrative effort you can efficiently organize all your packaging needs so that, you can fully concentrate on your core business producing state of the art machines.